Covid-19 Postponed my Wedding

One of the most important days of your life, one of the most planned out days of your life, one of the most expensive days of your life and suddenly it's in jeopardy... what do you do?

The invites are out, the dress/suit is purchased, the large expenses are booked, deposits paid or perhaps already fully paid up and the dreaded email/call comes, 'due to government guidelines your scheduled wedding date will not be possible'. Do you cancel, do you postpone without a date, do you reschedule to next year (if the venue is available) or do you reschedule this year with fingers-crossed?

This is and has been the dilemma facing many happy couples across the world during this pandemic.

So...what to do if you are facing the same anxiety/decision?

  • TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO PANIC - Remember that your a team now, when you wed and forever after

  • WEIGH UP YOUR OPTIONS - Usually starts with your venue

  • TALK IT THROUGH - Keep your team informed and together (Bridesmaids meeting via Zoom etc.)

  • MAKE YOUR DECISION (and stick to it, be strong)


Try to keep as many of the original suppliers as possible, you worked hard to find them and will probably already have contracted them (this will depend on them too).

Though suppliers are having a hard time too if you move your date out of season,

although controversial at this time, see if their rates are different depending on the time of year and you might save a little (odds are you'll need it, to balance any lost deposits).

Remember that suppliers talk to each other, if you find your hair dresser can't do the new date you've agreed with your venue (remember to start from most expensive item first) ask your supplier if they can recommend someone, another hair dresser might have new opening for the same reason.

Always check your original contracts thoroughly and get any new amended ones sent through via email or in writing somehow asap.

  • BE AS FLEXIBLE AS YOU CAN - remember the experience gets remembered not the tangible things, when it comes to dates your guests will be understanding don't worry.



Remember they could have expenses they might lose too.

Save money on re=sending invites: Use a free website, like Paperless Post, and message the link to everyone.

A couple of things you might not have considered:

  • Mid-week wedding date - If your guests find they have surplus annual leave this year a mid-week wedding might be a possibility.

  • Splitting your wedding, having the ceremony more private and the reception and party on another date. This might mean that you'll be paying some suppliers (hair, makeup and photographers etc.) for an extra day, but they might be up for it rather than losing the booking. As they say ''If you don't ask....''

And lastly

Let's not forget the energy and anticipation you built up for your original wedding date - Celebrate it! In a socially distanced way of course. Do something to mark the occasion, whether you simple make a special meal together, share some wine, or have a wedding night rehearsal, that is up to just you two, just make sure you use the time to celebrate and restart your countdown... you will have your day!

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